Social Problems, Deviance and Crime

The Social Problems, Deviance and Crime concentration examines a variety of social problems with special emphasis on types of behavior which are inconsistent with social norms, challenging to social order, and/or illegal. This concentration also examines the role of morality, public opinion, politics, government, law, and institutions of social control in the definition of, as well as the response to, social problems, deviance and crime. While containing some overlap with available concentrations in the Criminology and Justice Studies major, the sociological perspective here suggests important commonalities across the studies of crime, deviance and social problems, and the relevance of broad sociological themes including critical inquiry, empirical research, and increased awareness of social context. This concentration provides relevant preparation for students interested in further study in the areas of public safety, social policy, social services and civil service, and graduate studies in law or social science. It can also be a convenient and constructive resource enabling a double major between Sociology and Criminology and Justice Studies.