Society, Health & Medicine Minor (Fall 2021)

The Society, Health, & Medicine (SHM) minor exposes students to the sociocultural, political, and organizational dimensions of health and medicine while also promoting an understanding of the social determinants of health.  Specifically, students gain knowledge of: how health and wellness are shaped by factors such as race, SES, and gender; how medical care is organized in the US and in other countries; who receives health care and who does not; how medical providers are socialized into their roles; and how patients navigate illness and treatment. Students combine core courses from medical sociology with a series of electives of their choosing.  Electives cut across many disciplines and content areas, allowing students to design a minor that aligns with their academic and career goals.  The minor is well suited to students with an academic interest in health, medicine, or health disparities, as well as those pursuing careers in the health professions.

Minor Requirements

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