Sociology Undergraduate Research Awards

The Department of Sociology congratulates twelve undergraduate Sociology students on their invitation to present at the KSU Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 9, 2019 and the Northeast Ohio Undergraduate Sociology Symposium (NEOUSS) on April 13, 2019, at Oberlin College


Karina Branch (Mentors:  Nicole Rousseau and Clare Stacey)

Black Women’s Lives: Mental Health


Megan Betts (Mentors:  Nicole Rousseau and Clare Stacey)

Black Like Us: How Black queer Youth Navigate Spaces that Simultaneously Celebrate and Erase their Intersecting Identities


Jenna Bloom (Mentor:  Clare Stacey)

Exploring the Benefits of Palliative Care for Young Adults 


Tyler Coy (Mentor: Manacy Pai)

Race and Socioeconomic Disparities in Organ Type, Recovery and Readmission in Kidney Transplant Recipients


Tristan Davis (Mentor:  Chris Dum)

A Deviant Sense of Belonging


Daiyajot Grewal and Emily Catchpole (Mentor: Dick Adams)

Factors Impacting Ex-Offenders’ Employment Status and Household Income 


Christina Watson (Mentor:  Kristen Marcussen)

Perceptions of Homeschooling


McKenzie Palmer (Mentor:  Tim Owens)

Veteran Transitions: From Soldier to Student


Meghan Haney (Mentor:  Greg Gibson)

Student Perceptions of Crime at Kent State University


Lymrick Cheshire

The Impact of Names on Individuals in Society


Emily Bragg (Mentor:  Anthony VanderHorst)

Lockdown: A Closer Look Into a School Shooting