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SRL Team


Dr. Gregory Gibson is the full-time Director of the Kent State University Survey Research Laboratory. His responsibilities include responding to RFPs, budgeting projects, all phases of survey project work, including questionnaire development, cognitive testing (including protocol development), interviewer training (including development of training manuals and study-specific trainings), survey programming in Sensus/WinCATI, IRB filings and updates, cleaning and annotation of data files, analysis of data, methodology reports, client findings presentations, and management of an 18 station CATI lab (workforce of 45 callers).  Additional directorship duties fulfilled by Dr. Gibson include recruitment, hiring, and retention of personnel, interfacing with Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP), budgeting, internal and external billing, and mentoring of graduate students in survey research and college teaching.  Dr. Gibson was presented with the Sociology Department’s Graduate Student Mentoring Award in 2015.  With a Professional Research Certificate (PRC expert level designation) from the Marketing Research Association and a Survey Research Graduate Certification from Purdue University where he earned his doctorate in Sociology, Dr. Gibson has extensive experience in survey research.

Before joining KSU, Dr. Gibson was the Research Director for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). While with the NREMT, he conducted a number of research projects drawing upon survey research methods and qualitatively-focused methods including focus groups, nominal groups, ethnography, and key informant interviews.  Dr. Gibson is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.  Dr. Gibson's research areas are survey research, gender, prosocial behaviors (heroism, altruism), social psychological pharmacology and school shootings.


Quality data collection starts with our two Head Supervisors—Veronica (Ronny) Besett and Jane Howe. Their duties include interviewing and hiring the best interviewers for data collection projects, development and implementation of methods to ensure strict adherence to procedures and protocols, refusal conversion, and conducting interviewer training (both initial and refresher sessions). Ronny’s experience draws upon her Quality Assurance and Interviewer Supervisory skills first honed at Venture Data. Ms. Howe draws upon career experience she gained throughout the United States supervising and conducting QA and SOP implementations, as well as analyzing data, for clients that include NIKE, Goodyear, and IBM. Together, they maintain every project’s integrity, confidentiality and accuracy.  Both Ronny and Jane are considered by Director Dr. Gibson to be “the back bone of SRL CATI data collection efforts.”

Nicole Perrone is a Masters Candidate from the Department of Anthropology. She joined the SRL team as a Research Associate in the fall of 2017 and has since served as Project Coordinator/Data Manager on multiple academic, governmental, and community studies. Her duties include programming, fielding, statistical analysis ,and reporting of web-based, telephone, and mixed-mode projects. Nicole's current research focuses on the biology and behavior of nonhuman primates.


Tim Rose is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Sociology and joined the SRL team in the Fall of 2014, after having served as a telephone interviewer on several survey projects. Tim now serves as Senior Programmer for the Online Division of the SRL and has developed a variety of survey instruments, with a specialty in social psychological surveys. He has also served as project leader on a variety of non-academic projects, including organizational climate studies, and has begun designing climate instruments for organizations within Kent State University. Tim is currently engaged in researching the impact of natural resource extraction on rural communities.

Rusty Schnellinger is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Sociology, joining the SRL team in 2015. His responsibilities include programming, fielding, and analysis of both web-based and telephone surveys, as well as playing a key role in responding to RFPs. Rusty is fluent in multiple survey questionnaire authoring platforms and several statistical software packages. Since 2015, he has programmed and fielded a variety of assessment surveys for both academic and non-academic SRL clients. His own research focuses on substance use, crime and criminal justice policy, and research methodology. Along with Bengt George, Tim Rose, and Nicole Perrone, Rusty serves on the Graduate Survey Research Council (GSRS), a group dedicated to advising KSU graduate students on instrument design and data collection. Rusty is an active member of both the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers and the American Society of Criminology.

Bengt George joined us as an undergraduate student and has worked himself up from telephone interviewer to his present position, Programming and Analytics Supervisor.  Early on, Bengt showed a knack for complex programming and solving data analysis issues.  Programming surveys, evaluating RFPs, and interfacing with clients are all functions that Bengt currently performs. Bengt also began a full-time Graduate Assistantship in Fall 2017.