HARC (Health Assessment and Research for Communities) is a nonprofit that conducts research and evaluation related to community health and wellness. Our initial contract with Kent State University’s Survey Research Lab (SRL) occurred after we had done two major random-digit-dial telephone surveys with a for-profit survey research company, and went out to bid for the third survey. SRL was able to provide the same quality of service and the same deliverables for less than 80% of the price of our prior contractors! To date, we have contracted SRL for two major surveys; SRL’s services have been impeccable each time. Our survey is extremely lengthy, with complex skip logic and several sensitive questions, and SRL handled it beautifully. Whenever there were issues, SRL worked diligently to get it correct, at their own cost and time commitment. We had complete control over the process; SRL let us test the questionnaire repeatedly before the launch to make sure it was satisfactory. The SRL team is available whenever we need them via phone and email, and we even got to meet their leaders in person, despite the fact that we operate thousands of miles away—that is some serious commitment! Their interview team has always been excellent; I received multiple unsolicited testimonials from interviewees about how great the interviewers were. Overall, we are very satisfied with SRL’s work, and look forward to a continued relationship.

Jenna LeComte-Hinely, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
HARC, Inc.
Health Assessment and Research for Communities


Working with Dr. Gregory Gibson and the Survey Research Lab housed in the Department of Sociology was effective, efficient and seamless. The Survey Research Lab provided our review committee with aggregated data that helped inform the group and bring clarity to the review process. The lab responded to the committee’s requests for adjustments to the survey and turn around time was very quick.  They made the collection of data easy and effective.

Dr. John R. Crawford-Spinelli
Dean & Professor
College of the Arts
Kent State University


We employed the services of the Kent State University Survey Research Lab to expand the scope of our research on race and environmental concerns. The SRL provided invaluable assistance in two fundamental ways. First, they secured a random sample of 1,000 African Americans respondents so that we could empirically examine our ideas and generalize our findings beyond a convenience sample of students. Second, as talented and savvy survey researchers, they alerted us to ways that we could improve our survey and guard against unwanted “response sets” or mindless completion of our questions. They also cleaned the data, created a clear, comprehensive codebook, and delivered the dataset in the format of our choosing. Such efforts ensured that our data were readily usable. Importantly, the SRL staff was consistently responsive to our requests. Working with them was a pleasure!

Karen A. Hegtvedt
Department of Sociology
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322


Dr. Gibson and the Survey Research Lab staff were extremely helpful with my survey project.  I conduct research on administrative judges, which is a difficult population of subjects to reach.  I was given a revise and resubmit from a journal, and one of the reviewers was concerned about my survey response rate.  Consequently, my co-author and I decided to send an additional round of surveys, but we did not have much time.  Additionally, our survey had to be physically mailed (since we only had physical addresses), which requires printing, labeling, and attaching stamps.  Although they were extremely busy, Dr. Gibson and his staff agreed to work with us.  With their help, I was able to send an additional round of surveys within a week.  They were quick and professional.  Completely great job. I look forward to working with them again.

Daniel E. Chand,
Assistant Professor
Political Science Department
Kent State University


My experience working with the Kent State Survey Research Lab was more than I could have asked for. Aside from the price quote being the best value for my money in comparison to the larger, more well-known services, the SRL allowed me to be intimately involved in the daily execution of my project. Greg Gibson and his team, especially Tim Rose, reviewed my initial request for a survey-based experiment and provided extensive feedback on my design, including specific measurements, by comparing what is traditionally done and what the options are if I chose to not follow tradition. They even built a new system via code to run a methodological experiment that we were interested in, while every other service told me that it could not be done. I received timely updates throughout the data collection process, including daily updates when it was in the field. Once the data was collected, the SRL teams worked tirelessly to have all deliverables to me within two days, complete with a codebook, and in all the data forms I had requested. Overall, my experience with them was top-notch; I will definitely be returning to them in the very near future. The SRL team executes their work with great precision and pride, and they are fantastic people to work with.

Ashley V. Reichelmann
Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology & Anthropology
Northeastern University


The Social Cognition Research Group has drawn on the expertise of Greg Gibson and the Survey Research Lab on a number of occasions.  In each instance we have found them to be efficient, effective, and very helpful in setting up and administering our surveys and in organizing and analyzing the collected data.  The SRL is a valuable resource for anyone whose research involves surveys.

Mark Bracher
Professor of English
Director, Neurocognitive Research Program
for the Advancement of the Humanities (NRPAH)


The Survey Research Lab (SRL) worked with the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Student Services to design multiple surveys to gain student’s insight about experiences related to advising for the College of Arts and Sciences.  The SRL provided assistance with several aspects of the project: completing IRB forms, consulting on the formatting of the survey reminder emails, and delivering the data in an accessible file based on our office needs.  Working with the SRL helped our office to develop surveys and gather a baseline data that we will be able to use for future assessments.

Paula Konz, M.Ed.
Senior Academic Advisor I
Office of Undergraduate Advising & Student Services
College of Arts & Sciences
Kent State University


I’ve worked with Dr. Greg Gibson and the Survey Research Lab for a couple of years now. Every consult I’ve had on the projects we’ve worked on have exceeded my expectations. Greg is very good about understanding what your needs are and helping you achieve them in ways you may have never considered. The SRL staff is highly effective at cultivating useful data and achieving good response rates. I recommend the SRL to anyone looking for assistance in gathering quality data via online or telephone survey methods.

Valerie Samuel
Organizational Analyst
Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (RPIE)
Kent State University