What courses do I need for a Sociology Major?

All students pursuing bachelor’s degrees at Kent State complete a series of Kent Core requirements. Sociology majors take courses in the areas of English composition, mathematics or logic, foreign language, humanities, fine arts, social sciences and basic sciences. The person wishing to pursue a major in sociology at Kent State must complete 34 hours of coursework in sociology — 13 hours of required courses, 12 concentration hours and 9 hours of elective courses, in addition to university requirements as specified in the Kent State Undergraduate Catalog. A description of Sociology courses can be found here.


Major Program Requirements

*Six of the 9 SOC elective hours must be upper division.

The Department offers internships, research, and service opportunities for undergraduate students.  Student organizations include the Sociology Collective, the club for undergraduates, and Alpha Kappa Delta, the Sociology Honor Society.

For further information, please visit the department website at http://www.kent.edu/sociology, or contact the Undergraduate Coordinator (Dr. Tiffany Taylor) at ttaylo36@kent.edu or the Academic Advisor (Rebecca Cash) at rcash5@kent.edu.

 Sociology Concentrations

The Department of Sociology offers many courses related to topics in social inequality, social psychology, medical sociology/health and health care, cultural sociology, social problems, deviance, and crime, and family and the life course, which allow students to concentrate on specific areas.  To see more detail about these concentrations, please click here for the current GPS roadmap and search for Sociology. If you are a student in a previous catalog year, consult the roadmap archives here and search for Sociology.