Future Students

Below you will find frequently asked questions for future students of the Ph.D. degree in Sociology. For information specific to the Online Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies Master's Program, please visit the program page on the Online Degrees website

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The Program

Do you offer funding for graduate students?
Funding is competitive. The department typically funds 6-8 new students each fall. For students who enter our program with a B.A., a graduate assistantship carries an award of $14,500 per academic year, a remission of tuition, and health benefits. For students who enter our program having already earned an M.A. in sociology, a graduate assistantship carries an award of $15,500 per academic year, a remission of tuition, and health benefits. More details about funding and assistantships are available on this page of our website: Graduate Assistantships.

What if I have a B.A. or M.A. in an area other than sociology? Should I still apply?
In evaluating applications to our Ph.D. program, the Graduate Education Committee considers each applicant's potential to do professional sociological research. As part of this, the Graduate Education Committee looks at whether the applicant has taken classes in social research methods and statistics (in sociology or a related field) and also classes covering sociological theory. Students who have taken such courses and done well in them demonstrate potential to do professional sociological research, which strengthens the application.

What areas of specialization does your program cover?
Medical and mental health, social inequalities (e.g., race, class, gender), social psychology, and criminology and deviance. You should especially consider applying if you want to earn a Ph.D. in Sociology and have interests in these areas. We also provide students with extensive training in classical and contemporary theory, research methods, and statistics.

Does your program provide graduate students with training to be college-level teachers and opportunities to teach classes?
Yes. All of our graduate students are required to complete coursework related to teaching sociology, and all graduate students are given the opportunity to teach their own courses, including courses in their areas of interest if possible.
What kinds of jobs are your graduate students prepared for when they graduate with a Ph.D. in sociology?
We prepare our students for tenure-track jobs at research universities and teaching colleges as well as jobs in social research in both the private and public/government sectors.

How do I apply and what materials do I need to submit?
Start at this page for details about the application process for both domestic and international students:
Apply to the Graduate Program

I only want a master's degree. Should I still apply?
We no longer offer a terminal master's degree in Sociology. Students in our graduate program earn a master's degree as they work toward completing the doctoral degree.

When do I have to have my application in for a fall admission?
In order to be considered for funding, applications must be received by December 1st for international students and December 15th for domestic students. See admissions info for more details.

Can I be admitted in the spring semester?
No, the department no longer admits students for the spring semester.


I will be re-locating to Kent, OH. Where can I found out more about off-campus living (e.g., apartments) and other things about the area?
Kent is a vibrant college town. Here is a great website that will help you with many of your relocation needs: http://www.kent.edu/studentlife/resources/area/