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"O.K, now that I have a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, what can I do with it?"

Plenty! The costly nature of many disputes connected to social inequalities, public resource allocations, and diverse populations and workforces is creating employment opportunities for students trained in conflict analysis and management. For example, there are now well over 650 community mediation centers in the United States. State and local courts are increasingly offering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs such as mediation as an alternative to litigation. School systems are including peer mediation training in their curricula and increasing numbers of businesses and organizations are institutionalizing conflict management processes in their personnel policies. Professionals and policy-makers skilled in conflict management deal with disputes ranging from divorce and domestic disputes to international conflicts; from labor strikes and prison riots to environmental protests.

Your conflict management skills can be utilized in a variety of fields -- our alumni and former students have found fulfilling work in business, finance, social services, law, mediation, human resources, counseling, education, community organizing, activism, government, nonprofit management, health care, and other fields.  The skills and knowledge that you've developed here will serve you well, whatever direction that you choose.  Employers in many fields are specifically looking for employees with good communication, problem-solving and conflict management skills.

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Our Alumni Talk About How Their Internship Experiences Helped Them (our name has changed since this was recorded)



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