Distance Learning Faculty Training

As part of the Stark Campus Distance Learning Community of Practice, we offer a full series of professional development workshops for online and hybrid instructors of all levels of experience, plus additional events to build community and share campus resources. 


Each workshop is offered on a rotating basis each year.  If you are interested in attending any workshops that are not currently on the schedule, please email us at StarkDLCoP@kent.edu and we will work with you on scheduling.  More detailed workshop descriptions are available on the registration form.

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Online Teaching Introductory Series

This series is comprised of the following four workshops, which are meant to be taken in order:

  • Preparing to Teach Online
  • Designing Your Online or Hybrid Course
  • Building Your Online or Hybrid Course
  • Delivering Your Online or Hybrid Course

These workshops are for new and prospective online and hybrid instructors, and they cover best practices and procedures in online teaching pedagogy and technology.

Online Teaching Continuous Improvement Series

This series is comprised of the following workshops:

  • Online Teaching Refresher
  • Continuous Improvement in Your Online or Hybrid Course
  • Peer Reviewing Online and Hybrid Courses

The Online Teaching Refresher is for instructors who have already taken the Introductory Series or are already experienced online instructors and would like a refresher and updates on researched best practices for designing, building, and delivering online and hybrid courses.

The Continuous Improvement in Your Online or Hybrid Course workshop is for instructors who have taught at least one online or hybrid course.  This workshop provides instructors with the tools to perform a formative self-assessment of your course and create a plan for improvement.  Participation in the Introductory Series or Online Teaching Refresher is strongly recommended as a pre-requisite for this workshop.

The Peer Reviewing Online and Hybrid Courses is for instructors who have been teaching online and hybrid courses for at least two years and would like to join a panel of faculty to provide peer reviews for their colleagues’ online and hybrid courses.

Design for Online Series

This series builds upon topics discussed in the Designing Your Online or Hybrid Course workshop.  Each workshop in this series focuses on best practices for designing specific types of online content.  This is a new series this year, and more topics and workshops may be developed and offered throughout the year.

  • Design for Online: Discussions
  • Design for Online: Written Assignments
  • Design for Online: Testing

Special Topics Workshops

This covers workshops on specific topics which do not fall under the previous categories.  Some are offered on a regular basis and some are offered as one-time events.  These workshops are open to all instructors with no pre-requisites.  The regularly-offered special topics workshops are:

  • Best Practices for Hybrid Courses
  • Introduction to Flipped Learning


Theory into Practice Work Days

These sessions are for instructors who want to carve out a specific, structured time to work on their online and hybrid courses.  Instructors can work on designing and building their courses with immediate feedback, consultation, and resources available.

Dine and Dash Lunch Series

This is a monthly series in which instructors can learn more about specific topics related to online, hybrid, and technology-enriched teaching from their colleagues.  Participants arrive and eat lunch while 2-3 presenters discuss their experiences with the selected topic.  After 30 minutes, participants can “dash” or they can stay and participate in a 30 minute Q&A and discussion session with the presenters and other participants. 

We are always looking for new topics and presenters, so if you are interested in presenting at a Dine and Dash, please contact us at StarkDLCoP@kent.edu with your ideas.