When you log into Blackboard Learn and enter your course, this is the basic layout:

A. My Institution, My Courses, and Services tabs:

Click on either the My Institution or My Courses tabs to leave your course and view a list of all your courses.  You can customize which courses show in these course lists.  Click on the Services tab for software and online learning support.

B. Course-to-Course Navigation:

Click on the name of your course to go to the home page of your current course.  Click the Action Link (drop-down arrow) to display a list of recently-visited courses, then click the name of your course to jump to it.

C. Breadcrumb Trail:

Shows you where you are in the course and how you got there.  Click the links here to jump to a previously-visited area of your course.

D. Student Preview:

Click on the student preview icon to view the course as a demo student.

E. Course Theme:

Click the color wheel icon to select a course color theme.  Some themes may affect course functionality, so it is recommended that you select the default theme.

F. Edit Mode:

Toggle Edit Mode on to access all instructor tools; toggle it off to view course materials without the editing options visible.

G. Course Menu:

This menu is the main course navigation for you and your students.  It is completely customizable.

H. Control Panel:

Complete set of instructor tools; not visible to students.

I. Action Bar:

Use the drop-down menus to add various types of content, assessments, and tool links.

J. Content Frame:

The content you click on will appear in this frame.

Sample course layout

Updated June 2019 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer