The Course Menu in Blackboard Learn is completely customizable.  There are several types of links that can be added to the Course Menu.  


Click the Plus (+) icon in the top left corner of the menu, then select the type of link you want to create.  The most commonly-used link types are explained below.

Course menu
Figure 1: Course Menu

Add a menu item
Figure 2: Add Menu Item

Content Area: This is the highest level folder in your course.  You can have as many or as few content areas as you want.  Use content areas (and content folders within those content areas) to organize content in your course.  In Figure 1, Home is a content area.

Tool Link: Create a link to a course tool (e.g. Announcements, Discussions, etc.) in the course menu.  In Figure 1, Announcements, Email, and My Grades are tool links.

Web Link: Create a link to a website outside your Blackboard Learn course.  This is useful if you have an outside resource that your students will use frequently.  In Figure 1, KSU Helpdesk 24/7 and Bb Learn Tutorials for Students are web links.

Course Link: Create a link to content or folders located anywhere in the course.  In Figure 1, Start Here, Syllabus and Schedule, and Learning Materials are course links to content folders in the Home content area.

Subheader: Create a textual element for your course menu.  This is useful if you want to break your menu up into labeled sections.  In Figure 1, Getting Started, My Course, and Technical Support are subheaders.

Divider: Create a horizontal dividing line to separate sections within your course menu.


Edit, Hide, or Delete:

Click the Action Link (drop-down arrow) next to the name of the menu item you want to alter, then select the desired option from the drop-down menu.  Note that if you delete a content area, you are also deleting any course materials that reside in that content area.

Course menu Action Link and options
Figure 3: Edit, Hide, or Delete Menu Links


Click and hold the double-headed arrow to the left of a menu item and drag and drop it to the desired location.

Re-order course menu links
Figure 4: Re-Order Menu Links

Updated June 2019 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer