The Blackboard Grade Center allows you to maintain an online record of students’ grades and calculations in a spreadsheet-type format.  Students are able to view only their own grades.


1. Log into Blackboard

Log into Blackboard Learn at or through FlashLine.

2. Enter your course

Click on the name of your course to access it.

3. Access the Full Grade Center

In the Control Panel, click to expand the Grade Center section.  Then click the Full Grade Center link.

Grade Center menu expanded

Alternatively, you can click the small arrow icon to the right and navigate straight to the Full Grade Center without expanding the menu.


The Grade Center is set up like a spreadsheet, with a row for each student and a column for each grade item.  There are menu options across the top of the page (Action Bar).  You can also set the number of students to show on the page using the Edit Rows Displayed button at the bottom right.  You can use the Filter, Sort, and Order options to temporarily rearrange your view or to show only specified columns or categories.  Finally, the Work Offline button allows you to download your Grade Center to Microsoft Excel.

Full Grade Center layout


Default Columns

  • First and Last Name
  • Username (same as Flashline/email)
  • Student ID (Banner number)
  • Last Access (Date of each students’ last login)
  • Availability (Available students are able to view your course; unavailable students no longer have access to your course)

Automatically Created Columns

  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Assignments
  • Discussion Forums (if set to be graded)
  • Blogs, Journals, and Wikis (if set to be graded)
  • Attendance
  • Some additional third-party tools may also create corresponding grade columns

When you create the aforementioned content, corresponding grade columns will be automatically created in the Grade Center.  Additionally, grades assigned to students through the aforementioned tools will automatically appear in your Grade Center.

Create Additional Grade Columns

You can manually create columns for any item that is not linked to a graded Blackboard-submitted activity.  You can also create calculated columns for totals and weighted grades.

Action Links

Each column has an Action Link (grey drop-down arrow) next to its title.  When you click the Action Link, a drop-down menu appears, which contains various options based on the type of column.  

Menu options for columns are described here.

Column options menu

Each cell also contains an Action Link ( which will be visible when you hover over the cell).  When you click the Action Link, a drop-down menu appears, which contains various options based on the type of cell.

Menu options for cells are described here.

Cell options menu


Updated May 2019 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer