You can customize the default grading schema in your Blackboard Grade Center to mirror the letter grade scale in your syllabus.  This is essential if you are displaying letter grades in your gradebook and if you are using the Grade Push application to post final grades to FlashLine.

1. Log into Blackboard

Log into Blackboard Learn at or through FlashLine.

2. Enter your course

Click on the name of your course to access it.

3. Access the Full Grade Center

In the Control Panel, click to expand the Grade Center section.  Then click the Full Grade Center link.

Grade Center expanded


4. Access grading schema

Click on the Manage button in the Action Bar across the top of the Grade Center.  Then select Grading Schemas from the drop-down menu.  A list of existing grading schemas will appear on this page.  

Manage menu expanded


5. Create a schema

To add additional categories as needed, click the Create Grading Schema button at the top of the page.  

Create Grading Schema button


6. Name the schema

Fill in the name of the new schema.  You can add an optional description.

Schema name and description fields


7. Map percentages to letter grades

In the Schema Mapping section, add rows and input percentages and letter grades as desired.  Although you will likely only use the data in the pane on the left, you must fill in both sides of the chart.

Schema mapping chart


8. Submit

Click the Submit button to finish creating the new schema.


Updated June 2019 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer