Compatible course packages can easily be imported into Blackboard courses.  Compatible packages include Blackboard course packages, Common Cartridge, Blackboard Vista 8, and ANGEL 7.4 and 8.0.

1. Log into Blackboard

Log into Blackboard Learn through or through Flashline.

2. Enter your course

Click on the name of your course to access it.

3. Access the Import Packages/View Logs page

In the Control Panel, click to expand the Packages and Utilities section.  Then click the Import Package/View Logs link.

Packages and Utilities menu expanded


4. Run the import

On the Import Package/View Logs page, click the Import Package button at the top left.

Import Package button


5. Select the package

Click the Browse My Computer button and select and locate the zipped package file.

Browse My Computer button


6. Select course materials

Select the course materials you want to import from the package.  Click the Select All button if you want to import everything.

Select course materials


7. Submit

Once you select your course materials, click Submit to finish.


Updated June 2019 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer