Biology Major


The Bachelor of Arts in Biology is for students who are interested in the biological sciences, but who also want a degree with a strong liberal arts component. This program provides a basic background in biology while offering the opportunity to take a wide range of classes in other disciplines.

Students can complete the Biology major in its entirety at Kent State Stark.

Biologists work in a variety of settings, and career opportunities are available in government agencies, privately owned companies and non-profit groups. Graduates may also choose to further their education beyond a bachelor's degree by attending graduate or professional school. The Department of Biological Sciences has several mechanisms to help students prepare for their future careers.

Biology majors at Kent State Stark learn and practice a variety of techniques in up-to-date laboratories, under the direction of faculty scholars and a full-time laboratory coordinator. Those focused on field biology have access to an expanded classroom that includes the ecological system of the campus pond where they utilize an extensive array of tools for collecting and identifying aquatic and terrestrial specimens. 

For students interested in microbiology, genetics and cell biology, Kent State Stark’s facilities are well-equipped with precise instrumentation to study animal cell and bacterial cultures, perform advanced microscopic imaging and apply techniques for the purification, amplification and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins.


  • Understand the fundamental biological principles.
  • Acquire the fundamental skills necessary for laboratory and field investigations.
  • Conduct proper experimental design, analyze biological data and communicate research results.
  • Know and appreciate the role that biology plays in societal issues, such as those related to the environment, biodiversity, ethics, human health and disease.