Computer Science Major - B.A.


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science is designed for students who seek a liberal arts education combined with a solid foundation in computer science. Students may choose electives from any complementary liberal arts program beyond computer science.

Students can complete the Computer Science (B.A.) major in its entirety at Kent State Stark.

Students have the option to have a double major to attain depth of knowledge across two related areas.


Computer Science majors and prospective students at the Stark Campus should contact Dr. Angela Guercio at for academic advising.


  • Understand the essential facts, concepts, principles and theories relating to computer science.
  • Apply computer science concepts to solve computer-related problems.
  • Analyze algorithms, computer science methods and techniques.
  • Analyze and plan the development of a typical professional computer science problem.
  • Make succinct oral presentations and written expositions about technical problems and their solutions.
  • Work effectively as a member of a software development team.

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