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Course Copy

Perform a Course Copy in Blackboard

You can easily copy content from one course to another in Blackboard, as long as you are enrolled as an instructor in both courses.  This can save you time when you teach multiple sections of the same course and/or teach the same course semester to semester.

1. Log into Blackboard

Log into Blackboard Learn at or through Flashline.

2. Enter the course that contains content

Click on the name of the course FROM WHICH YOU WANT TO COPY course content.

Note: In Blackboard, you always go to the old course and “push” the content to the new course.

3. Access the Course Copy tool

In the Control Panel, click to expand the Packages and Utilities section.  Then click the Course Copy link.

Packages and Utilities menu expanded


4. Browse for destination course

Click the Browse button to select the course INTO WHICH you want to copy course materials (destination course).

5. Select materials to copy

Select what you want to copy from this course by selecting the checkboxes.  If you want an exact copy of your course, select everything by clicking the Select All button.

Note: If you have discussion forums you are copying and do not want the previous students’ postings to be copied, select the Include only the forums, with no starter posts option under Discussion Board.