Human Resource Symposium

2019 Human Resource Symposium

Thursday, July 18, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Conference Center
Kent State University at Stark

The Corporate University recognizes that in today’s competitive marketplace, preparing yourself and your workforce with the right organizational tools is critical for continued success. In recognition of this, we are pleased to host the Human Resource Symposium.

This human resource conference is focused on how to prepare yourself and your workforce for the future. The symposium brings together presenters from multiple disciplines, who are experts in their field with real-world experience.

Cost: $195
Credits: Approved for Five(5) SHRM Professional Development Credits and Five(5) HRCI HR General Credits
To Register: Call Mona Zink at 330-244-3508 between 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Human Resource Symposium Agenda

8:30 - 9 a.m.
Registration, Breakfast & Networking

9 - 9:15 a.m.

Faith Sheaffer-Polen, Director, Corporate University

9:15 - 10:30 a.m.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Kristy Frieden)

Leading an effective team requires courage, discipline and an understanding of the barriers that may get in the way.  Only after we have gained an awareness of these potential dysfunctions can we then begin to work on overcoming them.  Based on the classic New York Times bestseller, this session will provide an overview of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team Model and ways to address the obstacles that prevent even the best teams from succeeding.  Participants will:

  • Define the Five Dysfunctions of a Team model
  • Determine their team’s current state through self-assessment
  • Identify strategies to overcome the five dysfunctions 

10:30 - 10:45 a.m. / Break

10:45 a.m. - Noon (choose from two sessions)

Session I: Talent Management: Grow Great Employees Strategically (Sarah Andreas, Ph.D.)

This course is for HR leaders who want to help their employees grow and develop but are not sure how to start the process. We will briefly explore what talent management is and do a deeper dive into employee development. We will look at the different generations of employees and the developmental needs of each. This is an interactive course that will help an HR leader gain a deeper understanding of how they can influence development and why employee growth is essential to business and organizational success. Participants will learn:

  • Developmental needs of generations in the workplace
  • Co-creation of development plans
  • Strategies for identifying and closing skill gaps

Session II. Interview Like a Pro (Lisa Stouffer, MBA)

Does your business experience high turnover? Do candidates barely make it through the probationary period? Do you find that employees do not have the skills that you thought they did when you hired them? Learn from a professional leader/recruiter how to conduct effective, efficient and focused interviews using the Behavioral Interviewing concept. Participants will:

  • Gain working knowledge of the Behavioral Interviewing concept and how to apply it in your business
  • Learn how to develop questions/evaluate responses to assess experience and skills accurately
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience practicing the Behavioral Interviewing process

Noon - 1 p.m. / Lunch

1 - 2:15 p.m.

Diversity Awareness and the Power of Inclusion (Kay Potetz, Ph.D.)

Diversity is the mix but Inclusion makes the mix work. While we function on rational and emotional levels, emotions are at the heart of our energy, commitment, and motivation. Feelings form our reactions to differences we see in others (approach/ avoid, like/dislike, accept/reject). Understanding and managing our emotional responses allows us comfort in relationships, effective interactions, and inner peace. Cultures that foster respectful, inclusive, knowledge-based environments where everyone can learn, grow, and contribute will positively affect all interactions. It is essential that we recognize and overcome our biases. Participants will:

  • Discuss different people’s behavior, including actions and reactions 
  • Identify barriers to interacting effectively with others
  • Recognize why we always feel before we think
  • Recall methods for overcoming our biases

2:15 - 2:30 p.m. / Break

2:30 - 3:45 p.m. (choose from two sessions)

Session I: Mindset Matters (Leanne Cannon)

Most business professionals are primarily concerned with where their numbers are, what strategies and tactics are next on the agenda, and what the forecast is for upcoming months. Many do not realize that the much bigger question is "What is my mindset?" and "What is the mindset of the people who work with me?" Mindset may have much more to do with their success or failure than any activities alone. The science behind the brain/body connection reveals much about why this is important to succeeding in business and in life. Participants will explore:

  • How mindset affects beliefs
  • How beliefs affect performance/success
  • How our performance affects our results
  • How we can retrain our mindset to achieve more

Session II: Developing Your Professional HR Strategy (Marvin Montgomery)

 You only have seconds to begin reversing the negative stigma that employees or potential employees have about you which means your initial approach is crucial. This program will explore:

  • Rules of Employee Engagement that immediately show an employee that you care
  • Benefits gained by using this approach to reinforce the value of not information dumping 
  • The art of active listening and asking questions to become a solution provider

Participants with learn the fundamental skills needed to:

  • Become a trusted advisor 
  • Learn the art of active listening and asking questions
  • Develop long-term employee relationships 
  • Link satisfied employees to satisfied customers

3:45 - 4 p.m.
Adjourn and Pick-up Certificates