Program Tools


Ensuring that each educational opportunity provides the maximum on-the-job payoff requires a planned,  systematic approach that includes the learner, his/her manager and the trainer with interactions both prior to and following the training.

The Program Impact Framework is a value-added set of tools to support partner organizations in their efforts to achieve the greatest possible learning during training, and the application of the new skills and knowledge post-training. The approach includes setting shared expectations regarding what is to be learned and why it is important or relevant to the learner’s organization. It also includes specific expectations regarding application of the new newly acquired skills.

How can you tie employee training/development to the goals of your organization? The learner and his/her supervisor can use the Employee Development Worksheet to outline these important connections. Having discussions about learning expectations, guided by a tool like the Employee Development Worksheet, is the single most important factor in ensuring that learners effectively apply their new knowledge and that you get the greatest return on your training investment.

In the course of any training event, participants have a number of “ah ha!” moments as they see opportunities to apply a specific technique or bit of knowledge to their day-to-day work. The Goal Planning Worksheet can be used during the learning experience to capture these moments and plan how to implement their new learning. 

Learners are encouraged to discuss with their supervisors what they learned from the educational experience and their goals for applying it in the workplace.