Curriculum & Instruction

The Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction provides a wide range of graduate study opportunities in progressive, research-based curriculum and teaching practices.

The program prepares educators for continuing professional development, education in a multicultural society and leadership for curriculum reform and renewal.

The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction can be completed in its entirety at Kent State Stark.

The major comprises the following concentrations:

  • Curriculum and Teaching Studies
  • English/Language Arts Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Middle Childhood Education
  • Physical Education Teacher Education
  • Science Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Social Studies Education

The concentrations do not lead to teacher education licensure or endorsement with the exception of the Physical Education Teacher Education concentration. The Physical Education Teacher Education concentration may lead to a multi-age pre-kindergarten through grade 12 license to teach physical education in Ohio. The program includes field experience components at the elementary and secondary levels, and culminates with a full-semester student teaching experience.



  1. Educate in multicultural settings.
  2. Function as professional leaders for curriculum reform and renewal.
  3. Demonstrate the disposition and skills for continuing professional development.


Shelly Heron, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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