Embed a Kaltura Video in Blackboard

Instructors and students can embed video anywhere that the text editor appears (including items, discussion threads, blog/journal posts, wikis, etc.).

1. Access Kaltura Mashup

In any Blackboard text editor box, click the Mashups button in the third row of the toolbar, then select Kaltura Media from the drop-down menu.

Kaltura media mashup

Note: If you do not see three rows in the text editor, click the chevron button in the top right corner to expand the toolbar.

2. Select Video to Embed

You will see a gallery of your Kaltura videos.  Locate the video you want to embed and click the Select button.

Kaltura gallery


Your video will be embedded in the text editor.  You can adjust the video information and add additional content to your item or post as needed.

Embedded video


Updated July 2019 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer