The Item tool in Blackboard makes it easy to embed videos in Blackboard to share with your students in your face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

Note:  If you are using videos hosted on Kaltura (video.kent.edu), they can be embedded this way or by using the Kaltura Media mashup.

1. Access the video

Locate a streaming video that you want to embed in your course (in this example, the video is from Ted.com).

2. Access embed code

Many video streaming sites include an Embed button, which will allow you to access a pre-written embed code that you can copy and paste into an HTML editor.  Click the Embed button or link.

3. Set options (optional)

If included with the embed code, select options such as captions, video player size, etc.

4. Copy embed code

Highlight the embed code and copy it to your clipboard (CTRL+C or right-click + Copy).

5. Log into Blackboard

Log into Blackboard Learn at https://learn.kent.edu or through FlashLine.

6. Enter your course

Click on the name of your course to access it.

7. Navigate to a content area or folder

Navigate to the content area or folder in which you want to embed the video.

8. Create item

In the Action Bar across the top of the page, select Build Content.  Then click Item from the drop-down menu.

Note: If the Action Bar does not appear at the top of the page, make sure that Edit Mode is turned ON (toggle button in the upper right corner).

9. Name item

In Section 1: Content Information on the Create Item page, type in a name for the item.

10. Access HTML code

Click the HTML button in the content editor.  The HTML code view will open in a new window.

11. Paste embed code

Paste the embed code you copied in Step 1 into the HTML code box (CTRL+V or right-click + Paste).

12. Update HTML

Click the Update button.  The HTML code box will close and the embedded video will show in the content editor as a yellow box.

13. Add additional text

Type in any additional text or content if desired, working around the embed box.

14. Attach files (optional)

In Section 2: Attachments, use the Browse My Computer or Browse Course buttons to attach supplemental flies.

15. Set options

In Section 3: Standard Options, set your options as desired.

16. Submit

Click the Submit button to finish embedding the video.

Students can now view the video directly on the page in your Blackboard course.


Updated June 2018 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer