Post Midterm and Final Grades in Flashline


At the end of each term, faculty must report students’ final course grades in FlashLine. Midterm grades are only entered for 00000-, 10000-, and 20000-level courses. This guide will walk you through manually reporting grades in FlashLine. 

Alternatively, if you use the Blackboard Grade Center for your courses, you can use the Grade Push tool to push final grades from Blackboard into FlashLine.

1. Access Flashline

Log into FlashLine.

2. Access the Faculty Dashboard

In the sidebar on the left, hover over the Faculty & Advisors tab, then click the Faculty Dashboard link.

Faculty and Advisor tab


3. Access Midterm or Final Grades workflow

In the Grading Resources box, click the link for Midterm Grades or Final Grades.

Midtern and Final Grade links


4. Select Term

From the drop-down menu, select the term for which you are entering grades.  Then click the Submit button.

Select term menu


5. Select Course

From the drop-down menu, select the course for which you are entering grades.  Then click the Submit button.

Select course menu


6. Input Grades

For each student on your roster, input the grade using the drop-down menu in the Grade column.

Input grades


7. Submit Grades

Once you have input all grades, click the Submit button to save.  You can input, change, and submit grades up until the grading window closes.  You will see a confirmation message each time you save.

Confirmation message


Note: Make sure you input grades for all students on your roster.  You may have to navigate through multiple pages (25 students per page).

8. Repeat

Repeat Steps 5-7 until all course grades are posted.


Updated January 2019 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer