Geography Major

Students can complete 2-3 years of the Geography major at Kent State Stark before transitioning to the Kent Campus to complete the degree.

As a Geography major, you’ll have a vast array of career options available to you. While you will not see many positions advertised for a “geographer,” an understanding of human and environmental processes from a spatial perspective is essential in many careers. Geographers work in environmental, social and GIS fields, implementing our spatial skill sets to analyze problems and recommend solutions.


  • Environmental geographers work as conservation or parks managers, surveyors, remote sensing technicians, ecologists, hydrologists, water resource managers, national park rangers, climatologists, meteorologists, hazards analysts, epidemiologists, and climate change analysts.
  • Social geographers work as city engineers, urban planners, foreign affairs officers, preservationists, non-profit directors, demographers, cultural resources managers, lobbyists, congressional staffers, emergency management specialists, educators, journalists, community development directors, lawyers, and market analysts.
  • Geographic information scientists work as analysts for the federal, state, and local government, for businesses and non-profits, and they also serve as GIS developers, remote sensors, instructors, web developers, and cartographers.