Geology Major - B.A.


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology prepares graduates for employment in a wide variety of careers where an understanding of the natural sciences is useful or critical for success. Geology can be a strong background for advanced study or career development in areas such as business, city management, regional development, planning, law, journalism and science writing. The curriculum includes courses concerning minerals, rocks, fossils and field mapping, among others. These courses are supplemented by courses such as introductory chemistry, biology and mathematics.

Students can complete the Geology major (B.A.) in its entirety at Kent State Stark.


  • Understand and communicate to others the nature of scientific investigation and evidence.
  • Understand and communicate to the others the complex interrelationships of the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and the lithosphere through geologic time.
  • Understand Earth materials and interpret geologic and environmental processes.
  • Synthesize geologic information to understand and solve geologic and environmental problems.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and be able to work as a geologist in the field and in the laboratory.