High School Presentations


The Office of Admissions at Kent State Stark offers presentations appropriate for high school students preparing for college.

  • Presentations are approximately 50 minutes in length and have the flexibility to be formatted into an allotted time at the high school's request.

  • These presentations are not Kent State specific and will help prepare students regardless of which institution they choose to attend.

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Get Started: A Crash Course in College Planning

Planning for college can seem overwhelming and many high school students don't know where to begin. This session will discuss how to choose a college, college visits, comparing schools, choosing a major, how to apply for admission and overcoming financial constraints and "sticker shock." We will talk openly about common fears students have when choosing a college.

Real Talk: When Your World Meets the Real World

“What had happened was” is a phrase we often hear students say when explaining their actions. In this candid session, juniors and seniors are taught that every action has a reaction. In a world of tough economic times and competition, it’s imperative that students learn to market themselves as a hot commodity. This session will highlight the projected top careers in five years demonstrating that some training beyond high school is imperative to be a productive citizen, regardless of profession. We’ll take a hard look at the role responsibility plays in the student’s future by addressing Facebook and Twitter etiquette, tattoos and body piercings.