A la Carte High School Presentations


The Office of Admissions at Kent State Stark offers several à la carte presentations appropriate for high school students preparing for college.

  • All presentations are approximately 50 minutes in length and have the flexibility to be formatted into an allotted time at the high school's request.

  • These presentations, unless otherwise requested or indicated, are not Kent State specific and will help prepare students regardless of which institution they choose to attend.

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College Credit Plus

The College Credit Plus program is designed to allow college-ready students, grades 7-12 who qualify for college admission, the opportunity to earn high school and college credit. College Credit Plus can include courses offered on a college campus, online or at the high school for which credit is awarded from the college. General program information will be discussed and Kent State Stark specific details can be provided at the request of the school.

Get Started: A Crash Course in College Planning

Planning for college can seem overwhelming and many high school students don't know where to begin. This session will discuss how to choose a college, college visits, comparing schools, choosing a major, how to apply for admission and overcoming financial constraints and "sticker shock." We will talk openly about common fears students have when choosing a college.

Real Talk: When Your World Meets the Real World

“What had happened was” is a phrase we often hear students say when explaining their actions. In this candid session, juniors and seniors are taught that every action has a reaction. In a world of tough economic times and competition, it’s imperative that students learn to market themselves as a hot commodity. This session will highlight the projected top careers in five years demonstrating that some training beyond high school is imperative to be a productive citizen, regardless of profession. We’ll take a hard look at the role responsibility plays in the student’s future by addressing Facebook and Twitter etiquette, tattoos and body piercings.

College Lingo: Slang and Buzzwords

This session is specifically for seniors and is designed to ease the transition by teaching students college lingo. Acronyms and names used in higher education will be discussed - GPA, registrar, FAFSA, bursar, quality points, forgiveness, to name a few. This session familiarizes students with the lingo so they don’t feel like the new kid on campus.

Kent State Stark Honors Program

Introduce your academically talented students to Kent State Stark’s Honors Program. Students will learn about the benefits, curriculum, eligibility requirements, scholarship opportunities, Scholar Shadow program, annual Student Conference, social events and more.

Choosing a Major

This session will provide strategies and tips for the undecided student. Topics will include exploring a major, researching career opportunities related to a specific major, using general education requirements to your advantage and identifying resources that will assist students in making a timely decision.

Your First Year of College: A How-To Guide

​The first year of college is full of uncertainty, but help is out there! This session will help students prepare for a great first year experience and provide them with a how-to guide for college’s biggest challenges.

Cultural Diversity

In one word, diversity means different. As human beings, it is hard for us to often accept things that are different. In an effort to prepare students to live and work in an increasingly heterogeneous society and world, an approach for embracing diversity is presented. This session enables students who have not ventured out of their hometowns to assess and develop the skills recommended for effective leadership and multicultural understanding.

Financial Aid: Paying for College

Regardless of which college or university students choose to attend, they’ll find this information helpful as they begin preparations to file for financial aid. Geared towards first-time filers, this presentation guides the student through the process, identifies federal and state programs, discusses scholarship opportunities and provides a general overview of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This presentation highlights the different types of financial aid: grants, student loans, student employment and scholarships. 

ACT Explained

The ACT does more than get students into college! This session will help students understand what ACT research has to say about success in college and enable students to compare their scores to the ACT benchmarks. Remediation-free legislation in Ohio will be explained, and placement policies that stem from test scores will be clarified. An example of a typical profile of students entering a flagship campus of a state university will be shared, as well as criteria for an honors program and several scholarships. The presentation concludes with general tips for improving ACT scores as they are important regardless of which college or university a student plans to attend.

New Roles Mean New Boundaries

This session discusses expected and normal changes in relationships that occur as students graduate from high school and start attending college, especially if they are still living at home. As the identity of the student grows and develops, what is needed from others, like support, guidance, and boundaries, also changes. This session will help students understand how to recognize these changing needs in their relationships, how to effectively express these needs, and how to help keep relationships with family, friends and loved ones positive during this time of transition.


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