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Keys to Academic Success

At the end of each semester, your academic record will be reviewed to verify your grade point average and determine your academic standing. 

Semester Warning or Academic Probation

Students who earn a cumulative GPA of a 2.00 or higher are considered to be in university good standing. This is also the minimum GPA requirement for graduation.

Students are placed on Semester Warning when their grade point average is less than 2.00 in any given semester. Once a student’s cumulative grade point average drops below a 2.00, they are placed on Academic Probation and are at risk for being dismissed from the university.

What if you find yourself on semester warning or academic probation?

Keys to Academic Success - Take Control

  1. Complete and print the Self-Assessment & Action Plan (pdf)
  2. Take the Keys to Succeed Quick Quiz
  3. Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your self-assessment and action plan

It's up to you to take back control over your academic future. You possess the keys to your academic success. Unlock your potential!



Brooke Varner
Academic Advisor
Office of Student Services
132 Main Hall