Blackboard Learn Pre-Semester Checklist


Before the start of each semester, make sure to go through this checklist to ensure that your courses are ready to launch and that old courses are made unavailable if desired.

1. Make Sure Your Courses Are Listed in Learn

Log into Blackboard Learn and make sure that all of your courses for Fall 2021 are showing up in your course list.  These courses will have the semester code 202180 at the end (e.g. COMM-15000-600-202180).

If you are missing any courses, make sure that you haven't accidentally hidden them.  You can also use the Sync tool in FlashLine to sync up your Learn course list with Banner.

2. Request Course Section Combines

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course and would like to have your course sections combined into one course, you can request for the Blackboard Team to do this for you.  Note: It may take 2-3 days for your courses to be combined.  Make sure to have sections combined BEFORE doing a course copy or adding content.

Request Course Combine

3. Set Up Your Course and/or Copy Your Course Materials

If you are teaching an online, hybrid, or remote course, consider adopting the Kent State Online Template.  This template provides an organizational framework as well as many student resources.  Contact your Instructional Designer for more information about and a walkthrough of the template.

When you enter an empty course, you will receive a prompt asking if you want to import the Kent State Online template.  Click "Get Started with the Template" to import it or "No, Start With a Blank Course" to decline and begin with an empty course as usual.

If you want to reuse content from previous semesters, you can opt out of importing the template, then course copy prior materials into new courses.

If you plan to use both the template and previously-used materials, you can import the template first and then move your existing content into the template framework.  For help combining the template with existing course materials, contact your Instructional Designer.

4. Check Your Rosters

Review your rosters in FlashLine and compare them to the rosters in your Learn courses.  If any students are missing from your Learn course(s), you can instruct them to sync their accounts through FlashLine (On the Student Tools tab, click the "Missing courses in Blackboard? Sync your account now" link).  You can also manually enroll users in your course if needed.

If you notice multiple discrepancies, email your CRNs to your Instructional Designer to re-sync your Learn course(s) with Banner.

5. Set Course Start/End Dates

By default, your Blackboard Learn courses are set up to be continuously available, which means that there are no start or end dates associated with your courses.  As soon as a course appears in your course list, enrolled students can see it.  Enrolled students will also continue to have access to their old courses.

If you want to limit student access to your courses, you must set your course duration, or start/end dates.

6. Set Up Test Proctoring

If you are teaching an online or hybrid course that requires proctored testing, please view the Proctored Testing information page.  Consult with your Instructional Designer for training and assistance in setting up proctored testing for your courses.