Mathematics Major - B.S.


The Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics comprises core areas in algebra (number systems, equations, discrete structures), analysis (functions, limits, continuous processes), geometry (space, shape, form) and associated generalizations and abstractions. The B.S. degree program is recommended for students interested in a flexible option of careers or graduate study in mathematics. Coupled with the Education minor, the program can lead to Ohio teacher licensure. The Mathematics major includes an optional concentration in actuarial mathematics which must be completed at the Kent Campus.

Students can complete the Mathematics (no concentration) major in its entirety at Kent State Stark.

A degree in the mathematical sciences can lead to various careers in education, industry, and government. Because of the skill in reasoning developed by mathematical training, a degree in mathematics is a positive asset when applying for many positions. 


  • Reason in mathematical arguments at a level appropriate to the discipline, including using precise definitions, articulating assumptions and reasoning logically to conclusions.
  • Engage effectively in problem solving, including exploring examples, devising and testing conjectures and assessing the correctness of solutions.
  • Approach mathematical problems creatively, including trying multiple approaches and modifying problems when necessary to make them more tractable.
  • Communicate mathematics clearly both orally and in writing.
  • Understand and appreciate connections among different subdisciplines of mathematics.
  • Understand and appreciate connections between mathematics and other disciplines.
  • Be aware of and understand a broad range of mathematical subdisciplines.