Middle Childhood Education


The Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Middle Childhood Education prepares students for teacher licensure in selected subject areas, plus reading, for grades four to nine. In addition to content coursework and a substantial amount of field experiences, the Middle Childhood Education major includes intensive pedagogy courses that prepare students to understand the unique social, physical, cognitive and emotional needs of the young adolescent; these courses are taken as a cohort. Student teaching occurs during the final semester of the program.

Students can complete the Middle Childhood Education major in its entirety at Kent State Stark.


Students choose two concentrations from the following:

Language Arts concentration includes courses in communication, grammar, literature, reading and writing.

Mathematics concentration includes courses in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry and statistics.

Science concentration includes diverse courses in chemistry, biology, geology and physics.

Social Studies concentration includes diverse courses in economics, history, political science, geography and anthropology. 


  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and disposition needed to work collaboratively with diverse others.
  • Demonstrate content knowledge in two licensure specialization areas.
  • Demonstrate in-depth instructional and planning skills to effectively meet the needs of all their students.

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