Music Major - B.A.

Students can complete the Music major in its entirety at Kent State Stark.


The Bachelor of Arts in Music gives music majors an opportunity to study music and liberal arts with an optional minor, available in most academic areas of the university, or as a dual degree program with a major in another field. Although not as music intensive as the Bachelor of Music degree programs, this degree includes study on a main instrument and ensemble participation throughout the program. 

The Contemporary Popular Music concentration gives students the opportunity to study contemporary instruments such as electric guitar, electric bass and voice, as well as participate in a variety of styles including Rock, Pop, Motown and other popular styles. 

Become a Music Major at Kent State Stark

  1. Apply for admission to Kent State Stark and submit all required documentation
  2. After you've been admitted, attend a mandatory Music Placement & Audition Day
  3. Consider auditioning for a music scholarship

Music graduates will

  • Demonstrate their knowledge of music history and theory by means of a standardized test.
  • Demonstrate high level skills in recitals, ensembles or music research.