Music Technology Major


The Bachelor of Science degree in Music Technology prepares students as musicians within a broad field of constantly changing technology. Students study in courses that will develop expertise in music computer technology for application in the recording industry, audio-engineering and music production.

Students can complete the Music Technology major in its entirety at Kent State Stark.

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The development of music technology has had an enormous impact on the music industry. There are many career opportunities for talented musicians in music technology. Skilled musicians can apply formal training to recording careers, studio performance, arranging or producing and live performances. Opportunities are also available in non-traditional, contemporary popular music venues, the movie industry, television, multi-media events, and music for advertising as well as traditional performing arts venues. The growth of music technology has made knowledge and experience in this area a necessity for all students preparing for a career in any area of the music industry. To compete effectively in the contemporary music world, one must possess a strong traditional music background, plus the technical expertise required to make the most of a rapidly changing and developing technology.


The Music Technology major comprises the following concentrations:

  • The Audio Recording concentration provides students the opportunity t learn advanced audio recording techniques.
  • The Music Production concentration provides students the opportunity to learn how to use technology to realize creative work such as original music, arranging and production.


  1. Apply for admission to Kent State Stark and submit all required documentation.
  2. After you've been admitted, attend a mandatory Music Placement & Audition Day.
  3. We offer ten $2,000 Betty J. Clementz Music Scholarships every year to incoming majors. For information on how to apply for a scholarship, contact Dr. Sebastian Birch at


  • The music technology degree at Kent State Stark is a music degree. You will be expected to attain college-level musicianship, pass music theory courses, and regularly perform in classical and popular music ensembles.
  • An audition is required for acceptance for all students. Students with limited or no prior training will be required to take additional courses that can prolong the timeline to graduation.
  • The music technology degree will required attending classes five days per week for the first 1-2 years, as well as some evenings.
  • Most courses are only available at the Stark Campus. You will need to be able to attend classes on this campus to complete the degree.
  • The course sequencing for this degree is very structured. Students do not have much flexibility in the schedule for the first 1-2 years. Deviation will add additional time to the degree.


  • Complete both audio recording and music production courses in the first two years. Students will choose their concentration prior to the start of their junior year.
  • Attend 10-11 recitals per semester.
  • Participate in a “major” ensemble (University Chorus, Chorale, University Band) in their first two semesters.
  • Complete two semesters of classical music lessons on their primary instrument.
  • Enroll in a theory class, a piano class, and an applied lesson every semester for their first 2-3 years.
  • Find and complete an internship in their senior year.
  • Meet with their music advisor and professional academic advisor for assistance with scheduling.


Kent State Stark music technology majors intern at many locations, including:

  • Omni Sound Studios, Nashville, TN
  • Blackbird Studio, Nashville, TN
  • Phat Planet, Orlando, FL
  • Imagination Vent, San Diego, CA
  • Cain Park, Cleveland, OH
  • WKSU, Kent, OH
  • Broadwaves Studios, Lorain, OH
  • Aardvark Productions, Steubenville, OH


  • Evan Groom is Associate Product Manager at Audio-Technica and owner of Stowaway Recordings
  • Will Blake is Audio Engineer at Woodsy's Music in Kent, Ohio
  • Michael Bergdorf is the Music Technology Equipment Laboratory Technician at Kent State Stark
  • Manuel Duran is pursuing a Master’s Degree at New York University
  • Neal Dingies is pursuing a Master’s Degree at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain
  • Sam Ventura is pursuing a Master’s Degree at Middle Tennessee State University
  • Aria Jackson accepted a full-time position at Cain Park as a sound engineer
  • Kyle Richards is working in Nashville, Tennessee as a sound engineer for Aerosmith and Steven Tyler