New Student Organizations

Follow these simple steps to start a new student organization at Kent State Stark.


Meet with the Student Activities Manager in the Campus Center to discuss the process for registering a student organization and to pick up the appropriate paperwork/examples. During this phase you will have the option to enter a 30 day trial period in which you may have access to a budget of $25 in order to recruit students for your organization. At the end of the 30 day period, any unused funds will revert to the USG general fund. The goal is to schedule an appointment with the board once this timeline expires (you can make an appointment prior to the deadline if you are ready). Please note that you are not considered an organization of the campus until you finish steps 2-6 and are approved.


Find five or more currently enrolled Kent State Stark students and a full time faculty or staff advisor. Your advisor should be a resource in accomplishing your goals and objectives. He or she will provide authorization via signatures on important event planning and financial forms. For a complete description refer to the “Role of the Advisor” section in the student organization manual. 


Develop a club constitution. A sample is also available in the Office of Student Involvement.


You will need to complete a Recognition & Renewal form available in the Office of Student Involvement or online. Note: any changes to officers, contact persons, advisor or meeting day and/or time should be submitted to the Office of Student Involvement as they occur. 


If applicable, create an itemized operating budget for your organization. An operating budget can be defined as any line item that is not a major event, activity or travel. Some examples of appropriate expenses are: supplies, money to make copies, marketing efforts, etc. If your operating budget is granted, 30% will be withheld until the student group completes a community service project. If you choose not to request a budget at this time, 30% will be withheld from your first official budget request.


Each student group is required to make a ten minute (or less) presentation before USG. This is the body of students that approve new student organizations on campus and allocate funding. All presentations must involve at least one student. Multiple members and/or a faculty/staff advisor are welcome to co-present. Each organization appears before the committee to state the purpose of the organization and why funding is essential to the function of the organization. Contact the Office of Student Involvement at 330-244-5041 to schedule an appointment.   


  • New groups may not duplicate existing organizations in any way including: name, mission, goals, activities, etc.
  • All paperwork is due to the Office of Student Involvement by noon on Thursday the week your appointment falls on. If you have any questions, please contact 330-244-5041.
  • Learn more about Undergraduate Student Government

Follow Up Procedures

Your student organization advisor and at least one officer will receive an email with the results of the meeting within two weeks of your allocations appointment.