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Nichole Ross is Dreaming Big in the 'Big Apple'

Nichole Ross, a 2017 Kent State Stark graduate, is working at Macy's corporate headquarters in New York City.

Nichole Ross dreamed of living in the Big Apple before she set out of Tiger Country. But, eight days in, reality hit this Massillon native as she resided in her tiny apartment with five roommates in Chinatown.

“Why did I move here?,” a tearful Ross, on the phone to her mother, asked while walking down Park Avenue. “They don’t like my address; they don’t like my resume. I’m going to be coming home real soon.” 

But then, a call rang on the other line. She was offered the second job she had applied for – at Macy’s corporate headquarters on Herald Square.

“New York chews you up and it cheers you up,” said the 2017 Kent State University at Stark graduate.

A finance major, the 23-year-old recently visited campus to discuss her career experience in New York City. She spoke with students in a business management class taught by Gregory Chambers, adjunct faculty. 

Chambers helped Ross get her start in Manhattan. A one-time New York City businessman, Chambers had a view of Central Park from his 22nd-floor office. 

“Nichole wanted to move to New York City and asked me if I still had networking connections,” he explained. 

Chambers did. 

Through his connections, Ross gained an association with Macy’s corporate headquarters. After interviewing twice with the company, she landed a position as an assistant account analyst in the Global Business Partners division. 

After being with Macy’s for less than a year, she received her first promotion. Ross said she enjoys working at the retail giant. 

“Sometimes, I think when you are in college, you think you want to work at these big companies,” she said. “But, the culture might not even be what you are expecting. Fortunately, Macy’s is the perfect fit for me.”

Greg Blundell, Ph.D., associate professor of Management & Information Systems, said it is important to remind graduating seniors that, “it is about choosing the organization, as opposed to choosing the job.” 

For Blundell, hearing of his former student’s success makes him “exceedingly proud of what (Ross has) achieved.”

The 2013 Central Catholic High School graduate said she always asks, “How can I improve?”

That sentiment has taken her far in the big city. 

“You always have to evaluate yourself, and re-evaluate your goals,” Ross said. “You cannot be scared; just go after your dreams. You can’t be afraid to fail.

“The highs and lows are real anywhere. But, on the days that it is raining and you forget your subway card and you don’t have your wallet, it is like ‘Wow, this is tough.’ But, then you get through it, and the next day the sun is shining.” 

POSTED: Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 10:28am
UPDATED: Friday, December 14, 2018 - 11:21am
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