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Welcome to The Raymond Carver Review

The Raymond Carver Review (RCR) is a biennial peer-reviewed, electronic journal that publishes the best critical work both from established and emerging Carver scholars around the world. Each issue includes a section of peer-reviewed essays, sometimes on special topics, supplemented by interviews, guest editor’s essays, book reviews, and occasional special features. 

Begun in conjunction with the International Raymond Carver Society, the RCR is produced by Carver scholars from devoted to promoting the study of this important and influential author. The editorial and advisory board members who contribute to making the RCR available are located in the US, Canada, Ireland, England, Israel, France, Switzerland, China, and Puerto Rico.

Edited by Robert Miltner, Professor of English at Kent State University at Stark, and for this issue, with Guest Assistant Editor Molly Fuller, Teaching Fellow in Literature at Kent State University, The Raymond Carver Review is produced in cooperation with the International Raymond Carver Society and is hosted by Kent State University at Stark.