The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium will be held at Kent State University at Stark Conference Center (6000 Frank Ave. NW, North Canton, OH 44720).

8:45am-9:00am Check-In at Registration Table Front Lobby
9:00am-9:10am Welcome & Opening Remarks Great Hall
9:10am-9:30am Featured Presentation 1: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Harnessing the Power of Systematic Inquiry to Advance the Practice of Teaching in Higher Education (Jennifer Marcinkiewicz) Great Hall
9:30am-9:50am Featured Presentation 2: Why SoTL, Why Now? (Karen Mascolo) Great Hall
9:50am-10:10am Featured Presentation 3: Confessions of a SoTL Researcher (Eric Taylor) Great Hall
10:10am-10:30am Featured Presentation 4: Choices, Choices: How SoTL Gives Us Options to Improve Teaching and Learning (Rachael Blasiman) Great Hall
10:30am-10:40am Featured Presentation Q&A Great Hall
10:40am-10:55am Break
10:55am-11:20am Breakout Presentation 1: Predicting Students' Interest in Aging-Related Careers: Suggestions for Pedagogical Intervention (Julie Cremeans-Smith & Chih-ling Liou) Room 136
Presentation Breakout 2: Exploring students' experiences with a mobile language learning app (Daniel Castañeda & Moon-Heum Cho) Room 232
11:20am-11:45am Breakout Presentation 3: The Fear-Avoidance Model: How Chronic Pain can Help us Better Understand Test Anxiety, Fear of Failure, and Problematic Behaviors Among College Students (Julie Cremeans-Smith) Room 136
Breakout Presentation 4: Active Empathic Listening in the Third Grade Classroom: Using Listening Skills to Connect with Students (Matthew Hollstein & Paul Sommer) Room 232
11:45am-12:30pm Lunch Dining Room
12:30pm-12:55pm Breakout Presentation 5: Effects of a Poverty Simulation on Preservice Teacher Attributions and Beliefs (Joanne Caniglia) Room 136
Breakout Presentation 6: Exploring SoTL in the Online Classroom (Bethany Simunich) Room 232
12:55pm-1:20pm Breakout Presentation 7: Fostering students' metacognition and improving pedagogy through Blackboard surveys (Amy Damrow) Room 136
Breakout Presentation 8: Learning in Hybrid and Online First-Year Composition Courses: A Multi-Institutional Survey of Student Perceptions (Jennifer Cunningham) Room 232
1:20pm-1:30pm Break
1:30pm-2:00pm Roundtable & Inspiration Lane - Session 1
Roundtable 1: Augmented Reality (AR): an innovative tool for students and educators (Haithem Zourrig & Younghun Chae) Room 136
Roundtable 2: Getting Started with SoTL Central (Rachael Blasiman) Room 232
Roundtable 3: Nontraditional Grading Schemes (Lucas Engelhardt) Great Hall
Roundtable 4: Taking Your Scholarly Inquiry to the Next Level - SoTL (LeighAnn Tomaswick) Great Hall
Inspiration Lane: Poster Presentations

Poster 1: Simulation Anxiety in Nursing Students (Janet Reed)

Poster 2: Do Social Media Help in the Sustainability of Small Businesses? A Pedagogical Case Study (Deepraj Mukherjee & Erin Hollenbaugh)

Poster 3: An Informed Guess: Using Prediction-Oriented Teaching Strategies to Inspire Creative Knowledge Application (Rekha Sharma)

Poster 4: The Emporium Model: A Serve Yourself Buffet or a Firehose of Information Overload? (Victor Berardi, Greg Blundell, & Vaneet Kaur)

Poster 5: Molding Work-Ready Graduates by Incorporating Career Preparation into the Translation Classroom (Loubna Bilali)

Poster 6: A Brain is a Brain is a Brain (Phillip Adamek)

Poster 7: "More Like a Real Human Being”: Humanizing Historical Artists Through Remote Service-Learning (Marie Gasper-Hulvat)
Great Hall
2:00pm-2:30pm Roundtable & Inspiration Lane - Session 2  (Repeat of Session 1 schedule)
2:30pm-3:00pm Roundtable & Inspiration Lane - Session 3  (Repeat of Session 1 schedule)
3:00pm-3:15pm Closing Remarks and Raffle Great Hall