Stark Scholarships


Scholarship support provides Kent State University at Stark the unique opportunity to attract and retain the best and brightest students. Through our scholarship funds, we can help address financial barriers that often stand in the way of a student’s educational and career goals. 

Scholarship support can be made at any level. To benefit deserving students in perpetuity, an endowed scholarship can be established - in honor of a loved one, to recognize a faculty member, or in the name of a business. Alternatively, your gift can be put into an existing scholarship fund, or a new scholarship can be created. 

The Office of Advancement at Kent State Stark can help you establish a scholarship and develop award criteria that will meet your philanthropic objectives.

The following scholarships are currently in place at Kent State Stark

  • Aultman Hospital Scholarship Fund
  • Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation Scholarship
  • Thomas J. Barber Endowed Scholarship
  • Patricia and Victor Berardi Endowed Scholarship
  • Sheriff Robert C. Berens Scholarships
  • Dr. William G. and Mary Louise Bittle Veterans Scholarship
  • Robert E. Casady Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Citizens Committee Scholarship
  • Joseph and Shirley Cumo Endowed Scholarship
  • Richard and Irene Willard-Dodson Scholarship
  • Michael and Lynne Dragomier Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. Jack B. Fisher and Dr. Sheila Fisher Scholarship
  • T. Raymond Gregory Family Foundation Business Management Scholarship
  • Rick and Vicki Haines Endowed Scholarship
  • The Health Foundation of Greater Massillon Scholarship
  • David C. and Keri E. Hoffer Scholarship
  • Edna E. Hunter Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Innis Maggiore Endowed Scholarship for Communications
  • Congressman Darrell and Katherine Issa Endowed Scholarship
  • Kent State Stark Administrators Scholarship
  • Kent State Stark Alumni Scholarship
  • Kent State Stark Evening Student Scholarship
  • Kent State Stark Multicultural Student Scholarship
  • Kent State Stark Nontraditional Student Scholarship
  • Kent State Stark Student Scholarship
  • Kent State Stark Student Services Scholarship
  • Kent State Stark Theatre Scholarship
  • The Margaret Kilchenmann Memorial Scholarship
  • Sandra Kramer Endowment Fund
  • Joanne and Sam Malene Scholarship
  • Nancy Markley Educational Scholarship
  • Inga Mullen Scholarship
  • Stephen A. and Sondra D. Perry Endowed Scholarship
  • Alicia and John Pieper Endowed Scholarship for Human Development & Family Studies
  • Rank Family Foundation Honors Scholarship
  • Rollin and Dori Reiter Endowed Scholarship
  • Rollin and Dori Reiter Endowed Scholarship in Computer Science
  • James and Patricia Ripple Scholarship
  • Phil Robb Endowed Scholarship for Theatre
  • Charity Rotch Scholarship
  • Charles and Judy Scheurer Endowed Scholarship
  • The Mary S. and William T. Southards Endowed Scholarship
  • Stark Campus Association of Retired Professors (SCARP) Scholarship
  • Hal and Thelma Uber Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary E. Wagner Memorial Scholarship
  • Kendall Ward Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Kenneth R. Wulff Endowed Scholarship