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Studio Art Major

Students can complete the Studio Art major in its entirety at Kent State Stark.

Program Introduction

The Studio Art major offers abundant opportunities for students to work in a variety of media with guidance from our talented faculty.  

The Bachelor of Art in Studio Art degree is for students who do not wish to pursue making art as a profession but desire a solid foundation and breadth in the visual arts, within a liberal arts curriculum, for arts-related careers and to become a well-informed arts supporter and consumer. 

Studio Art graduates will

  • Demonstrate the ability (skill) to do competent work within their chosen media and an understanding of the processes and materials involved.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of larger contemporary and historical contexts within which the visual arts have been created.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of design and visual literacy in their work.
  • Use skills in oral, written and digital presentation of work and of ideas associated with visual arts production, use and appreciation.