Success Stories


During the summer of my junior/senior year I participated in an internship with a public accounting firm in Cleveland, Ohio. The internship was paid and 10 weeks in length. I learned about this from participating in the annual “Meet the Accountants Night” event which is organized by Kent State University and held each September. Each year between 40 and 50 accounting firms from Northern Ohio participate in this event searching for intern candidates. For many firms, this is their preferred method of finding entry level full time accountants.

This was an outstanding opportunity to learn what actually takes place in the day to day operations of an accounting firm. My firm is the largest auditor of financial institutions in the United States. I spent 5 weeks in the office preparing for the individual client audits, and then 5 weeks as part of a 4-6 person team completing the week long actual audit at the client’s location. 

This allowed me to relate the classroom learning to the work that takes place in the industry. An internship also gives the student the opportunity to get a feel for the employer, allowing them to decide if they would be a good match. I was overwhelmingly impressed with my employer throughout the internship, and at the conclusion I was offered a full time position at the firm which will start immediately upon my graduation. The personal relief of knowing a semester or more ahead of graduation that you have a job awaiting you, which you have already had the opportunity to “test drive” is something I would encourage every student to pursue. 

Campus activities at Kent State Stark are abundant. There is something taking place every week and throughout a semester there are a wide variety of activities. I personally participated in the Student Leadership Academy during two semesters and also attended two different events where the university brought in outside speakers.  

From my activities, I learned not only job search methods, but about networking, diversity, study skills, and even how to use the proper etiquette while dining at a professional function. As much as you want to become involved, there is an organization on campus for you. 

- Bob Guest    
2011 Accounting Graduate

I worked with Chris Paveloi in Career Services for three years. During that time, I was a student looking at many different career opportunities. Chris took the time to help me explore these careers and also helped prepare me for the interviews I was granted. He always made himself available for questions. Chris wears many hats in his department and works hard not only serving the students, but also helping his colleagues.

Since graduating in 2010, I have had the opportunity to work with Chris in a new way. I have attended, on behalf of Northwestern Mutual, the Career Fairs that Chris coordinates. They are very organized and look very professional with so many great companies represented. It is obvious that he works hard to make all students feel at ease with him and does his job at the highest level of success. I am now in a career I love and I owe a lot of thanks to Chris. 

- Nichole Coyle
2010 Graduate and Student Employee at Kent State Stark

Before meeting with Mr. Paveloi, I was still hesitant to declare a major in finance and I also needed some advice and feedback concerning job interviews. But after our first appointment, I was able to clearly identify the career path suited to my personality and interests. Mr. Paveloi also helped me tremendously by conducting a mock interview with me, which was a great opportunity for gaining a better insight of the expectations related to this process. Meeting with Mr. Paveloi gave me more confidence in my skills, and consequently, I declared a major in finance with the certainty that I was making the right choice. I recommend Mr. Paveloi to all the students who are still undecided or need advice, because his expertise and encouragement are highly valuable when determining one's best academic options.

- Larisa Leverich
Junior Finance Major

Chris worked with me numerous times on researching different career paths. He always made himself available for questions and had great knowledge of everything I asked. And if he didn't know something, he would put the effort in to find out for me. I also served on a few committees with him and attended career fairs that he had put together. My college experience would not have been the same without his help.

- Krystal Tolin

Let me start off by saying that the career services that are provided are wonderful and very helpful. The resources such as MyPlan and how to pick a major were beyond helpful. I was very lost and had no idea where to start on deciding what direction to take in choosing a major/career. Mr. Paveloi was great. The assessment he had me complete was right on. He was very informative and he answered all my questions. He provided me with an abundance of information that was really helpful. I would tell any student who is having trouble deciding on a major or career to make a appointment with Career Services. It feels really good to have some direction now. 

- Meghan McCaulley

I just really wanted to thank you for everything. You helped me so much, and I am so excited for my future!

- Abby Yoder

I wanted to thank you very much for assistance with my resume and cover letter for the Kent State Accelerated Nursing Program. I went for an interview Monday and was offered acceptance into the program this morning. Your help is greatly appreciated!

- Kimberly Brewer

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me in the mock interview session we had about a month ago. It has really helped me to come up with some great answers to questions I've been asked in interviews. So far, I've had three interviews and I'm expecting to hear back from each of them within the next few weeks. Thanks again for your help!

- Kelli Swackhamer