Theatre Majors

Students can complete 2-3 years of most Theatre majors at Kent State Stark before transitioning to the Kent Campus to complete the degree.

Theatre Majors & Minors - Finish at the Kent Campus

The foundation courses for most Theatre majors and minors, as well as the Kent Core Requirements, are available at Kent State Stark, but the major or minor will be completed at the Kent Campus.

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    - B.A. in Theatre Studies - Performance
    - B.A. in Theatre Studies - Production
    - B.A. in Theatre Studies - Theatre Management
    - B.A. in Theatre Studies - Theatre & Society
    - B.F.A. in Theatre Studies - Design & Technology
    - B.F.A. in Theatre Studies - Musical Theatre
  • View all Theatre Minors at Kent State
    - Costume Design & Technology
    - Lighting Design & Technology
    - Scene Design
    - Scenic Technology
    - Theatre & Social Change
    - Theatre Management
    - Theatre Performance (can complete at Stark)
    - Theatre Sound