Letter from the President

President Beverly Warren

Dear Members of the Kent State Community:

Our strategic goal to emerge as one of the healthiest university communities in the nation is an exciting and lofty aspiration that we named together – and one that we can achieve only through the active engagement of every member of our eight-campus community.

There are many reasons why it makes sense for a university to declare communitywide wellness as a major goal and vision. Our own researchers, for example, tell us about a number of implications for brain health, including recent studies by our faculty that have drawn connections between memory and obesity, memory and exercise and meditation and heart health. The Kent State of Wellness initiative is part of our Organizational Stewardship priority outlined in our six-year vision:  A Strategic Roadmap to a Distinctive Kent StateClearly, direct relationships exist between employee wellness and workplace satisfaction, employee effectiveness and healthcare costs.

Most importantly, we know that the habits formed during the college years often travel with our graduates when they leave the university and follow them throughout their lives. Helping each other to make healthy choices and develop life-enriching habits are among the many gifts we can provide as a caring community of learners.

I express appreciation to everyone who has made the Kent State of Wellness vision a reality. I look forward to joining with you in making Kent State a national model for a healthy campus environment.

With best regards,

Beverly Warren