Spring 2018 Awardees | Kent State of Wellness | Kent State University

Spring 2018 Awardees

Biking and Study Improves Life (BASIL)
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Ken Ditlevson
  • Student Lead: Martin "Brien" Thompson
CPR Certification Training
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Colleen Novak
  • Student Lead: Mariah Gray
Eco-friendly Menstrual Activism
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Cassie Pegg-Kirby
  • Student Lead: Nina Darden
Feeding the 500
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Julie Mazzei
  • Student Lead: Erin Shattuck
Food Insecurity Garden
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Natalie Caine-Bish
  • Student Leads: Gabrielle Monk and Jacquelyn Oddo
Healthy Eating Workshop
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Talea Drummer-Ferrell
  • Student Lead: Anthony Magee
KSU Heart Climb 2018
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Melissa Zullo
  • Student Lead: Lorriane Odhiambo
Relaxation Room (Ashtabula)
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Teresa Bates
  • Student Lead: Valerie Gonzalez
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Ashley Holt
  • Student Lead: Holly Bandy
Talk On
  • Faculty/Staff Leads: Dr. Deric Kenne and Dr. Kim Laurene
  • Student Lead: Jessica Mulvany