Use of Funds

  1. Individuals will discuss their budget with us, get the budgets cleared, and provide us with the department/index number with which they are affiliated
  2. If you find that you need to make changes to your budget prior to reimbursement, you will need to resubmit that budget in detail for review and approval. If the amount of the invoice is more than the budget submitted we will only pay to the amount budgeted. If your receipt(s)/invoice(s) come in less than budgeted then we will pay the invoice amount. If you submitted an invoice for an item not approved in the budget, it will not be reimbursed.
  3. Individuals will run their programs
  4. Individuals will complete our evaluative report
  5. After these steps, individuals will provide us with copies of receipts/invoices which correspond with the approved budget.
  6. Once all requirements are met, we will reimburse the designated department index directly. We reimburse the appropriate departments up to $1,000 for the invoices/receipts pertaining to the function of the program

Funds MAY be used for supplies, educational materials, and food (if educational in nature). Funds MAY NOT be used for wages, salaries, food (for entertainment or incentive purposes), conference attendance, travel, speaker reimbursement, or academic funding (i.e. tuition, thesis or dissertation expenses).

Making exceptions to this process is strictly limited because we must be fair and equitable to all the approved grantees.