POSTED: Mar. 18, 2017

Photograph of Kent State President Todd Diacon smiling

Dear Kent State University Students, Faculty and Staff,

I don’t know about you, but the term “strategic plan” has, in the past, caused my eyeballs to roll back into my head. Images flash through my mind of boring meetings, lots of talking and not much doing. Generations of professors, myself included, have viewed such efforts as little more than busywork that will end up gathering dust on someone’s shelf.

Believe me when I tell you that Kent State is different. 

A Strategic Roadmap to a Distinctive Kent State, implemented in 2016, truly has been an action plan driving decision-making on our campuses. Everyone involved in the effort worked hard to provide a vision statement, mission statement and a list of core values and priorities that truly reflect who we are and who we aspire to be.

There are more successes borne from our strategic plan, and I look forward to sharing these with you in a series of in-person presentations over the next few months. Our great strategic plan deserves to be celebrated, but it’s also time for us to give it a second look and refresh our priorities to represent our deep commitment to access, completion, inclusion and excellence. This refreshed plan will serve as our North Star for the next five years. As we review and refresh, we’ll take further steps toward making Kent State a better, more inclusive and more successful university.

We’re calling this next phase of planning Flashes Together: A Strategic Roadmap to a Distinctive Kent State.

Your input and participation is important. We invite you to attend a forum, contact a committee member or send an email with your thoughts. We also encourage sharing your input through our feedback survey.

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