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Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

What is SURE?

The SURE program funds promising undergraduate researchers for eight weeks over the summer to engage in faculty-supervised research.  The SURE program will support students with a $2,800 stipend and on-campus housing if needed. Faculty are provided with a $400 stipend to offset the cost of supplies/materials necessary for research. SURE is sponsored by the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs and the Office of the President.

SURE 2018

This year 60 participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience.  The students represent 28 majors, 10 colleges and 7 schools.  34% of the students are first-generation and 26% are from underrepresented groups.

What students are saying:

“It was through the SURE program that I discovered my growing passion for sustainability.  Through hands-on experience in a research lab and close collaborations with my mentor and colleagues, I discovered what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  SURE didn’t just affect me as a student – in the lab I learned how to make mistakes, and more importantly, that it was a natural part of the learning process. “ --- Angela Deibel, Graduate, Marketing

The SURE program allowed me to delve deeper into the research side of my field. This opportunity has enriched my undergraduate experience and solidified my career goals to serve others as a speech-language pathologist."  "With the SURE program, I have built upon the knowledge learned in the undergraduate classroom. This experience has boosted my confidence as a research assistant, and it has led to great personal and academic growth. " ---Ashley Ferguson, Senior, Speech Pathology and Audiology


Student Qualifications

Students applying for a SURE internship must:

  • Be a current Kent State University student with a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Identify a faculty mentor
  • Be enrolled at any of the KSU campuses for the fall semester after the experience
  • Acquire and present a faculty letter of support that includes how the student will serve to
  • increase the faculty member’s productivity, grant applications and/or presentations of research
  • Complete the SURE application

Student Benefits

Students who are awarded a SURE research internship will:

  • Learn critical thinking skills and creative and problem-solving skills valued by employers.
  • Prepare for graduate school or employment and stand out from the competition.
  • Work directly with a faculty mentor on a research project to enhance your learning
  • Gain valuable experience to clarify career and educational goals
  • Enhance research skills and academic insight

Faculty Benefits

Faculty who serve as mentors for SURE interns will gain:

  • Student support of research their efforts
  • Potential for increased productivity, grant applications and presentations
  • Enhanced teaching skills
  • Fresh insight and inquiry to your area of study.
  • For more information and to apply for the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, contact   

During Summer 2018, 61 students participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. Students will present their research on Oct 2, 2019 in Kent Student Center.The class represents students from 28 majors representing 10 colleges and 7 schools.    

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