Student FAQ

Flash Books is an inclusive access initiative which is a program designed to bring electronic content to students at a significantly lower cost than the traditional paper copies of the book. Content is made available to the student as soon as the course is made available to them via our Learning Management System (LMS).

What happens if I add the course after the 100% registration period and I want to opt out of the Flash Books Program?

If you receive permission to add a course after the 100% registration period and the course is participating in the Flash Books program, we strongly encourage that you make use of the digital course content through Blackboard.  If you feel you need to Opt Out, you will need to complete the extenuating circumstance form at and submit as soon as possible.

My books and fees are covered by Veteran’s Chapter 31. How will Flash Books work for me?

If you register for a course that is in the Flash Books program a Flash Books course fee for the instructional materials will appear on your student account.  A waiver will also be on your account to offset the Flash Books course charge.

I am having trouble accessing my online content in Blackboard Learn. Who can help me?

If your course content is delivered through Blackboard Learn and you are having issues, please contact: