Meet the Title IX Team

In accordance with Title IX regulations, Kent State University has designated Richantae Johnson as Interim Director, Gender Equity & Title IX Coordinator to maintain and enforce the university’s policies and compliance efforts regarding gender equity and Title IX compliance.  Questions regarding Title IX compliance, non-compliance, reports involving sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, may be directed to: 

Richantae Johnson
Richantae Johnson, J.D.
Interim Director, Gender Equity & Title IX Coordinator

Pamela Fitzgerald
Director, EOAA and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Phil Tizio headshot
Phil Tizio

Associate Athletic Director Compliance & Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Michelle Rura headshot
Michelle Rura

Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine & Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Becky Broghammer, Ph.D. headshot
Rebecca Broghammer, Ph.D

Compliance Investigator & Deputy Title IX Coordinator  

Jacqueline Fausnight
Compliance Investigator

Lauren Strong, J.D.
Special Assistant