Title IX Report an Incident/File a Complaint

At Kent State University, we believe it’s important that individuals are made aware of their rights and all of their options so that they can make decisions for themselves. An individual who has experienced gender/sexual discrimination and harassment is the person best positioned to determine which options will help them feel safe, supported and able to heal. This may include requesting a formal investigation and sometimes it does not.

If you believe you have experienced gender/sexual discrimination and harassment (i.e., gender discrimination, gender/sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking and intimate partner violence), contact any of the following:

Title IX Coordinator

  • Richantae Johnson, Interim Director, Gender Equity & Title IX Coordinator 
  • 330-672-7535 or rjohn163@kent.edu 

The Office of Compliance, EOAA

The Center for Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS)

Kent State Police Department

  • Phone: Emergency – 911 / Non-emergency 330-672-2212

    Meet the Title IX Team

    If you learn about another community member (i.e., student, faculty, staff, or guest) who experienced some type of gender/sexual discrimination and harassment, please contact the Office of Gender Equity & Title IX so that our staff may ensure this community member is informed of resources and support options. You may also wish to review the university’s policy.

    Responsible Employee Information

    Gender Based Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Form