DSA Podcast 2020

Division of Student Affairs Podcast


The Division of Student Affairs has released a series of podcasts aimed at informing incoming and returning students about all the great resources Kent State University has to offer. 

Hosted by Division of Student Affairs Staff Writer Matt Lupica, the podcasts are geared towards bridging the communications gap across the university.

"As we have transitioned to the virtual world, the addition of these podcasts will help answer a lot of questions students may have, along with keeping them up-to-date on the latest going on around the university" said Lupica.

Serving as co-host is Dean of Students Dr. Talea Drummer-Ferrell. "It is a fun way to stay 'current'," she said. "We are such a student-oriented division and to be away from our students has been difficult, but, this has encouraged us to find innovative ways to connect without students...adding a podcast will not only allow us to do that during the pandemic but beyond this era as well!" 

Vice President of Student Affairs Lamar Hylton agrees this is another exceptional way to reach the students. "This podcast, combined with our social media presence, is enabling us to connect with our students even more so," said Hylton. "We have always been student-first, and this furthers that message even more."

DSA Podcast Season 2
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Season Two

Episode 1 | August 2020 "Welcome Back"

Episode 2 | September 2020 "Homecoming"

Episode 3 | October 2020 "Mental Health Special"

Episode 4 | November 2020 "Rock the vote!"

Episode 5 | December 2020 "Parent Special, II"