Ombuds Email Etiquette

Suggested email etiquette

Students are encouraged to consider the following etiquette when emailing university faculty or staff:

  • Use your email to address university faculty/staff. Emailing from a non-KSU personal account may result in faculty/staff mistaking it for ‘junk’ mail and deleting it.
  • Use a clear and succinct subject line. If you’re emailing an instructor, for instance, include the course number and topic of the email, e.g. “ENG 11011-001, final paper.”  
  • Be sure to include a salutation and signature, and be courteous, e.g., “Hello, Dr. X” or “Good morning, Professor Y, Thank you for meeting with me the other day during your office hours. I still have some questions about the final paper, and am hoping you can clarify some things.” Then be specific about the things you need clarified.
  • Remember that you are emailing and not texting so don’t abbreviate words or phrases as you might in a text message. For instance, don’t use ‘RU avlbl to meet 2day’ when you mean ‘are you available to meet today?’ Be sure to use standard punctuation, capitalization, grammar and correct spelling. Remember, as well, to proofread your email and correct any mistakes before you hit “send”
  • Unless you are physically incapable of doing so, your parents (or anyone else) should not be emailing on your behalf.